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Automated pallet parking BoxParking

14 January 2016

Automated pallet parking BoxParking

BMP System - a fully automated pallet parking BoxParking, which applied the principle of independent cells. BMP system is optimal for use in parking lots with a small number of parking spaces at each level of the parking lot.

A feature of this system is the ability of pallets (platforms) to move in four directions. For this purpose, the parking area for at least one cell remains free. In this case, each cell is individually designed and can be used independently of the others.

The main advantage of the system - it is the best use of the area available for parking, and placing more cars than any other automated parking.

BMP parking system can be implemented on the stage of the building development and in existing buildings and projects with premises of varying shapes and sizes, as well as premises with any difficulties in construction (e.g., columns, elevator shafts, stairwells, etc.).

The equipment for every parking is made individually. All the technical requirements and customer requirements take into account (size of cars and their mass).

Price: 45 000 EUR.

Key technical features of BMP in the parking lot with the standard requirements:

The average density of parking: 16 m² / cars

Vehicle dimensions: 5,25 x 2,11 x 1,95 m

Vehicle weight: up to 3 tons

Vehicle Type: passenger cars and jeeps

Temperature range: -35 to +45 ° C

Operation environment: moisture / mud / freezeproof

Features of operation: continuous parking / delivery